Cultural Society




Culture is the process by which a person becomes all that they were created capable of being. -Thomas Carlyle

Year of Establishment – 2004
Cultural society was established in the year 2004. It plays a vital role in organizing cultural events in our college campus.

“To develop the hidden talents of the student members”. The group through its extension activities tries to create high moral social and cultural values within its members.

To impart higher quality skills in all art forms by undertaking various cultural activities and provide platform to explore hidden talents among the students.

We the members of cultural society aim to create and facilitate an environment for enhancing innate potential, satisfy the emotions and instincts through imparting training in different skills, self reliance and humanitarianism to mould the youth to build a better world.

To promote Indian culture and its values

To ensure holistic development of the students, to inculcate awareness about Indian culture and heritage among the members and in community, to contribute to the multicultural makeup of the students through participation in various cultural events i.e. fine arts, literary, and performing arts like dance, drama and music etc.

Name of Incharge:
Dr.Allka Pandey (Assistant Professor of History)

Committee Members(2018-19):
1.Dr. Sumit Dey (Head & Assistant Professor of Commerce)
2.Dr. Jaspreet Kour (Assistant Professor of Commerce)
3.Mr. D.D. Sonwani (Assistant Professor of Hindi)
4.Mrs. Vinita Mehta (Assistant Professor of Botany)
5.Miss. Jyoti Sinha (Assistant Professor of Management)
6.Mrs. Prachi Goyal (Assistant Professor of CS)
7.Miss. Neeti Ingole (Assistant Professor of Management)
8.Mrs. Neetu Singh  (Assistant Professor of CS)

Name of Students Members(2018-19):

S.No. Name Class
1 Nikita Gupta B.C.A. I
2 Dewanshu Dubey B.C.A. II
3 Rupesh Kumar Gupta B.Sc. III (Bio.)
4 Yogesh Sharma B.Sc. III (Anthro.)
5 Nishi Keshari B.Sc. II (Micro.)
6 Mansi Gupta B.Com. III
7 Soumya Sinha B.Com. II
8 Rituone B.Com. I
9 Preeti Tiwari B.A. II
10 Nirmala Rajwade B.A. I

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