Faculty Members of Department of Arts and Social Science


Dr. R.N. Sharma
Assistant Professor & Head
M.Sc. Ph.D. (Chemistry),M.A. Ph.D.(Sociology), MSWResearch Field:Tribal Health Care, Tribal Society, Medicinal Plants
Contact No: 8871875829


Dr. Alka Pandey
Assistant Professor of History
M.A. Ph.D
Research Field:Korwa Janjati Kee Arthik Samajik Evam Sanskritik Parishitiyo Ka  Anusheelan
Contact No:9926127615


Dr. Kiran Shrivastava
Assistant Professor of Economics
M.A. M.Phil., Ph.D, PGDIRPM&LW
Research Field:Labour Economics
Contact No:7879119738


Dr. Shri Ram Baghel
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
M.Sc., Ph.D, NET
Research Field:Physical Antrhopology
Contact No:9993240970


Mrs. Rita Sarkar
Assistant Professor of Political Science
M.A. Ph.D
Research Field:Tribal Welfare(Pahadi Korba)
Contact No:9753409322


Mr. Devendra Das Sonwani
Assistant Professor of Hindi
M.A. Ph.D
Research Field:Chattisgarhi Lok Sahitya
Contact No:9424263070