Infrastructural facilities (Exclusively for B.Ed.)

1. Department of Education Room No. B10

2. Class Rooms:

  • Room No. C3: B.Sc.B.Ed.  First Year (Section A)
  • Room No. C4: B.Sc.B.Ed.  First Year (Section B)
  • Room No. C5: B.Sc.B.Ed.  Second Year (Section A)
  • Room No. C6: B.Sc.B.Ed.  Second Year (Section B)
  • Room No. C7: B.Sc.B.Ed.  Third Year Year (Section A)
  • Room No. C10: B.Sc.B.Ed.  Third Year (Section B)
  • Room No. C11: B.Sc.B.Ed.  Fourth Year (Section A)
  • Room No. C12: B.Sc.B.Ed.  Fourth Year (Section B)

3. Laboratory:

  • Psychology LAB (Room No. B11)

  • Maths LAB( Room No. B12)

  • Art and Craft LAB( Room No. B13 )

4. Library (Room No. B7)

6. Music Room (Room No. C9)

6. ICT Resource Centre (Room Number A6)

5. Store Room ( Room No. B9)