Legal Literacy Cell

The Primary function of the Legal Literacy Club is to Spread Legal Literacy and awareness in their neighborhood and act as a bridge between the persons in need of Legal Services and Legal Institution. The functions and activities of the club include the following:-

a) To identify persons in their neighborhood who deserve legal aid or assistance and who are in need of protecting their rights conferred by law, and to refer those persons, with recommendation of the Teacher-in-Charge.

b) To distribute Legal Aid application forms free of cost to those who need legal assistance (these forms will be made available to the clubs at the instance of Legal Services Institutions).

c) To spread legal literacy and awareness by setting up Rallies, making door-to-door visits in the neighboring areas, forming small groups of villagers for inter face, making Road shows, distributing leaflets, pamphlets, study materials etc. containing information regarding Legal Services, Pre-litigation settlement of disputes, Lok Adalat etc., various Government schemes on Poverty Alleviation, Health, Employment, and other social security measures.

d) To observe important Days like World Environment Day, World Day against Child Labour, Women’s Day, Disability Day, Mental Health Day, Children’s Day, National Legal Services Day, Anti-Tobacco Day etc., and spread message in the public about the aim and object of those Days.

For the purpose of the activities the student members need not undertake tedious journey or resort to any expensive or laboring schedule. They may divide themselves into groups each comprising 8 to 10 members and proceed to different segments of their neighboring areas for the purpose of campaigning.

Name of Incharge:

Dr.R.N.Sharma(Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Arts and Social Science)

Committee Members(2018-19):
Dr.Vinod Sahu (Assistant Professor of Commerce)
Mrs. Reeta Sarkar ( Assistant Professor of Political Science)
Mr. Rakesh Sen (Assistant Professor of Commerce)
Mrs. Rounak Nisha (Assistant Professor of Social Work)

Name of Students Members(2018-19):

1 Nikhil Sahu B.Com. II
2 Saket Kedia B.Com. II
3 Divya Mishra M.Sc. III Sem. C.S.
4 Priyanshu Keshari M.Sc. I Sem
5 Pramod Kumar Bhagat M.Sc. I Sem
6 Pooja Ghosh B.A. III
7 Chandra Shekar Prajapati B.C.A. III
8 Gunjan Lakkar B.A. III
9 Rupesh Gupta B.Sc. III
10 Nishi Gupta B.Sc. II

Various Activities: 

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