Science Club

About Club:

Science Club strives to enrich scientific knowledge and curiosity through an adventurous and challenging curriculum that develops students of character, responsibility, and consciousness ready for challenges in the 21st century. The Science Club provides educational and social activities for students interested in the natural sciences. The club creates a comfortable environment in which students and faculty can grow in their knowledge of the sciences through the sharing of ideas within the college and in the community.

Name of Incharge:
Mr.Shailesh Dewangan (Assistant Professor of Physics)

Committee Members(2018-19):
Mrs. Meena Singh (Assistant Professor of Botany)
Mrs. Rekha Haldar (Assistant Professor of Chemistry)
Miss. Chandni Vyapari (Assistant Professor of Mathematics)

Name of Students Members(2018-19):

1 Shishir Dwivedi B.Sc. II (Maths)
2 Deepak Gupta B.Sc. II (Maths)
3 Rupesh Kumar Gupta B.Sc. II (Bio.)
4 Yogesh Kumar Nigam B.Sc. II (Bio.)
5 Saurabh Tiwari B.Sc. I (C.S.)
6 Anant Kumar Gupta B.Sc. I (Maths)
7 Aman Shrivastava B.Com. II
8 Ayush Gupta B.Sc. II (C.S.)
9 Rifat Parveen B.C.A. I
10 Mumpi Karmakar B.A. III

Various Activities: