Sports Club

Aims to provide the sports activities for the personality development of students with the Motto: “Sports for All”.


  • To make aware of the importance or benefits of physical activities in day to day life.
  • To encourage the regular physical activities for a positive health life-style.
  • To develop moral values through sports and games.
  • To motivate the students for mass participation in sports/games.
  • To enable the students, change their attitudes towards life (positive thinking, healthy criticism etc.)
  • To promote co-operation between other organizations with similar objectives.


  • Clubs provides safety and quality equipments for the practice and competition.
  • College may form different sports clubs for better exposure to competitions
  • To create interest among students aerobic exercises and yoga classes may be conducted.
  • Clubs inform the dates of the different tournaments well in advance for the benefits of the students.
  • Clubs recognize and encourage the outstanding sportsperson by presenting some incentives.
  • To motivate the students workshops and seminars may be organized.

Name of Incharge:
Mr. Bramhesh Shrivastava (Sports Officer)

Committee Members(2018-19):
Dr. Kiran Shrivastava (Assistant Professor of Economics)
Miss. Jyoti Sinha (Assistant Professor of Management)
Miss. Geeta Chouhan (Assistant Professor of Chemistry)
Mr. K.R. Chouhan (Assistant Professor of Hindi)
Mr. Abhishek Kumar (Assistant Professor Biotechnology)
Miss. Ankita Gupta (Assistant Professor of Management)
Mr. Ajeet Mishra ( Assistant Professor of Computer Science)
Mr. Ashish Keshri (Assistant Professor of English)
Mr. Pradeep Kushwaha (Assistant Professor of Biotechnology)
Mr. L.P. Gupta ( Assistant Professor of Zoology)
Mr. D.D. Sonwani (Assistant Professor of Hindi)
Mr. Atul Vishwakarma (Asstt. Admin. Officer)
Mr. Deepak Singh (Assistant Professor of Geography)
Mr. Abhay Kishor Tiwari  (Assistant Professor of Computer Science)
Mrs. Meena Singh  (Assistant Professor of Botany)
Mr. Ajay Sahu (Assistant Professor of Chemistry)

Name of Students Members(2018-19):

  • S.No. Name Class
    1 Yogesh Sharma B.Sc. III
    2 Basant B.C.A. III
    3 Abhishek Prajapati B.Com. II
    4 Laiba Afreen B.Com. I
    5 Varun Gaurav Shukla B.Sc. III
    6 Ashish Pandey B.B.A. III
    7 Lalita Marko B.Sc. III
    8 Nikita Gupta B.C.A. I
    9 Pratima Raut B.Sc. III
    10 PremLata B.Sc. II


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