Youth Activity Society

About Club:

With an objective of nurturing the young minds and for their all round development, the youth activity society of college organizes a number of activities such as Educational Trips, Hiking & Tracking, Tree Plantation, Seminars, Lectures and Religious Functions etc. For the development of skills and enhancement of knowledge of students, youth activity society organized activities like debate, competition and competitive math’s trick and technique.

Name of Incharge:
Dr.Sumit Kumar Dey (Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Commerce & Management)

Committee Members(2018-19):
Miss. Neeti Ingole (Assistant Professor of Management)
Miss. Jyoti Sinha (Assistant Professor of Management)
Miss. Geeta Chouhan (Assistant Professor of Chemistry)
Mrs. Neetu Singh (Assistant Professor of Computer Science)
Mr. Ashish Keshri (Assistant Professor of English)

Name of Students Members(2018-19):

1 Amandeep Xaxa BCA II
2 Yukta Goyal B.Sc.(Maths) III
3 Rahul Chourasia BCA I
4 Indrapal Singh Chhabra B.Com. I(TPP)
5 Rohan Raj B.Com. II(CA)
6 Neha Goswami B.Com. II(TPP)
7 Anusha Gupta B.Com. II(TPP)
8 Yogesh Sharma B.Sc. III
9 Ajay Sonwani BA II
10 Sarti Manikpuri BA II
11 Rupesh Kumar Gun B.Sc.(Bio) III
12 Rahul Kumar Sahu B.Sc.(Maths) I


Various Activities:

Story, Poetry and Essay Writing Competition [Back To Gallery]